Dancing Robot Dog

The little dancing robot dog will dance to any music that you play. The I-Dog is fed with music via the lead, which is plugged into the jack of the headphone of your digital audio device. The dog is fond of all types of music, and dances on anything. It could be rock or punk that might make him unruly, his feel good song belongs to R & B and pop genre. He becomes excited when some dance numbers are played.

The dog is a portable speaker and anytime you may plug in your headset so that the music is enjoyed by the two of you together. If you strike his head, he will become excited. There are some small disco lights on the head of the robot dog. These lights flash in harmony with the beat of the music. The advantage is that you will not require plugging the lead in, the dog sports built in ears, which dances along with the music on being placed near the speaker.

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